Sherwin Hua, MD

Dr. Hua brings nearly a decade of experience treating patients with complex spine and brain disorders.  He has performed over 2,500 surgeries and has taken care of thousands of patients with neurosurgical and pain issues.  He brings this wealth of experience into every consultation and into every surgery.  Every patient and situation is different, and so Dr. Hua practices the art of neurosurgery one patient at a time.

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In today's health care system, a patient is treated like a game of baseball.  Each provider gets his or her turn at bat to treat the problem.  Once the primary doctor, physical therapist, and pain specialist fail to control a patient's pain with medications, exercise, and injections, the surgeon gets his/ her try at bat.  If he is unable to treat the pain after exhausting the surgical options, then the patient is sent for surgical pain management for spinal cord stimulation or pain pump.  There is no comprehensive approach.

Dr. Hua is one of the few individuals who has expertise in all three disciplines of complex spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, and pain management. This broad expertise allows him to choose the best option whether it is surgical or non-surgical for each individual's problem and situation.  Instead of taking turns at bat, Dr. Hua knows when to try therapy or injections and when to try a stimulator versus decompression surgery.  This way you will be able to go straight to the treatment that is most effective for your particular problem.

Innovative Approach

Details about Dr. Hua's approach located here

Dr. Hua has over 40 publications and presentations and holds several patents on minimally invasive techniques in spine and brain surgery. He is continually striving to improve patient care and outcomes in neurosurgery and spine surgery using the latest in advanced technology.  Sometimes if the current technology is not sufficient, then he works at developing the technology and technique for his patients' benefit.

Dr. Hua uses this innovative approach in patient care as well. Patients are usually assumed to have problems that are similar to other patients and are categorized and treated similarly.  However in reality, patients are unique in their problems, situations, and the way they respond to treatments.  Patients cannot be lumped together and categorized into the standard diagnoses and treatments. Dr. Hua treats each patient as an individual and designs a treatment program tailored to each patient's unique needs. Often a treatment program has to be innovative for a particularly unusual problem or situation.  Thus neurosurgery and spine surgery is an art and a science and needs to be practiced one patient at a time.